Mesa TKL Extra #2 - Black Winkeyless (A-Stock)

Mesa TKL Extra #2 - Black Winkeyless (A-Stock)

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This product is A-Stock and has no defects. Orders will ship immediately. All sales are final.

For a detailed product description, see this page.


  • Winkeyless Layout without Windows/GUI keys
  • Low 14.5mm front height
  • 8.5deg typing angle
  • Gasket mounted switch plate
  • Case is aluminum with e-coat finish
  • Weight and plate are media-blasted stainless steel
  • Weighs 2.6kg unassembled
  • ESD protection
  • QMK/VIA firmware compatible

Kit includes:

  • Aluminum case with black or white e-coat
  • Stainless steel weight and switch plate
  • Main PCB and daughterboard (black)
  • All fasteners required for assembly
  • Plate mounting gaskets
  • Foam dampers
  • Silicone feet
  • Two ultra low-profile stabilizer screws (for spacebar)

Please note:

  • This is a keyboard kit not an assembled keyboard. Stabilizers, switches, and keycaps are not included. Assembly requires soldering.
  • The bottom row supports 7U spacebar/1.5U modifiers only. ANSI 6.25U spacebar/1.25U modifiers will not fit on this kit.
  • The plate is designed for Cherry screw-in stabilizers. The prototype has been successfully tested with Cherry and Durock stabilizers. Other stabilizers are not guaranteed to fit beneath this plate.
  • The PCB is exposed when the kit is fully assembled. Care was taken to ensure that the exposed portion of the PCB does not contain any sensitive electronic components, however caution and common sense should be applied to prevent damage.